June 26, 2011

Crawling??? Who needs Crawling??

It has been about a week since Tanner started getting more and more brave with his walking. Still he was doing a combo of walking and crawling. Each day he has been gaining more and more confidence. There is more walking and less crawling. The last 2 days, it has been nearly all walking...He's figured out how much faster/easier it is to be up on two instead of all fours. Probably WAY easier on his knees too (the kid would crawl through ANYTHING). I was not stressing about him walking and figured that he would do it in his own sweet time without much prodding from his pesky mom. That is EXACTLY what he did. One day he felt like walking so he did. What a kid. Here is some video of him walking.

Sorry it is a little dark, but you get the idea.

Also Note: When I point the camera down, I couldn't avoid the GIANT belly. It gets in the way sometimes :) 2 days overdue and counting!!

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