June 19, 2011

Up and running….

Ok so maybe he’s not RUNNING…BUT…He is walking by himself!!  The past two days,Tanner has been getting more and more brave.  He is walking from Mommy to Daddy, and Mommy to the couch, and from chair to chair, etc.  I told him he needed to get walking before the baby came so I guess he WAS listening to me.  He is such a big boy.  Also this week he is mastering eating with his spoon and fork.  Today he had a big bowl of Malt o Meal feeding himself AND his favorite Tator Tot Hotdish for supper..again spooned in by himself.  Videos to come soon.


PS…I’m still pregnant.  I’ve been having mild contractions for the past 2 days but nothing to get excited about.  Went for a power walk, cooked a big meal and did some cleaning…trying to stay on my feet and let this baby know he/she can come on out anytime now…I am ready for ‘em!!

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