June 24, 2011

Happy Due Date

Having not made it to my “due date” with Tanner, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this day getting here.  I use the word “due date” in quotes because I am really not a firm believer in the idea anyways.  In my opinion people place too much importance on the ONE DAY you are supposed to have you baby???  More realistically, it is a GUESS at range at when your baby might arrive.  So today I am celebrating this day, not by having a baby BUT by going on a date with my wonderful husband.  I have a doctor’s appointment @ 4 pm so, with the help of Nana to babysit Tanner, we are heading out on a Due Date Date this afternoon.  We are spending some quality adult time together in Duluth before our world is completely rocked again.  I am excited to have an afternoon to focus on Paul and just have some fun together.  I am also very excited to go out to eat.  This baby must be packing on the lbs…because I feel like this last week of pregnancy, my appetite has been the largest. 

Also as a side note to those of you who have been asking, wondering, etc….I will not be using any type of inducement unless it is medically necessary or if by some weird will of nature, I go 42 weeks with this pregnancy.  I contemplated the minimally invasive techniques like membrane stripping etc BUT can’t in good conscience make this cute little baby come out before he/she is ready-no matter how excited I am to meet him/her.  So, you all will have to try your hand at patience as well and wait to hear the good news whenever it happens.

I have read the cues from my body this entire pregnancy, made good choices, and again LOVED being pregnant which I don’t want to take for granted.  Having a healthy, easy pregnancy is nothing to scoff at.  Also, with all of the babies born who need breathing tubes, medical attention, stays in NIC-U, I am truly just VERY VERY thankful to have had another successful full term pregnancy.  I guess I come from “good German breeding stock” as my mom would say.  I am hoping that soon enough I will deliver this healthy, happy little person and will get to introduce them to this wonderfully weird and amazing world we live in.

So thank you for all your thoughts, concern, texts, calls, etc.  This baby is not here yet and doesn’t seem to be in a rush BUT I am sure he/she is coming right around the corner.  Also, with my addiction to texting, facebook and blogging, I am SURE you will here the good news shortly after it does finally happen.  Keep sending those good baby vibes my way :)

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