June 24, 2011

Due Date Pics and Update

Paul and I had a great day on our Due Date-Date today.  We ran some necessary errands, went to eat @ Fitger’s Brewhouse on Lake Superior then had ice cream along the lake walk on Lake Superior.  It was 80, sunny and still in Duluth today (a VERY RARE but WONDERFUL occurrence) .  Here are a couple pictures of us today.  I have to admit that I caught my profile a couple times today in shop windows etc and thought..holy cow that lady is UBER pregnant.

100_0541 100_0542

 100_0544 100_0545


Doctor/Baby Update:

*Warning*-Lady parts terms used

I still have not progressed very much as far as dialation and effacement.  (I have been sitting at the same point for weeks now).  The baby’s heartbeat is good and strong and I am still checking out healthy as a can be (Great BP, Weight, etc).  My doctor feels comfortable letting me see what happens over the next week BUT if I do not go into labor on my own, I go to the hospital next Thurs night for some “cervix ripening where they will insert a small balloon type thing in my cervix to help me dialate.  Then Friday morning the 1st of July, my doctor would like to schedule me to get induced (via pitocin).  She explained the risks of going much over 41 weeks and I agree.  The baby is measuring normal and is head down, he/she just isn’t ready to come out yet.

Although I will try everything in my power to avoid a medically induced labor (walking, spicy food, lovin’, more walking, etc) it is at least reassuring to know that there is a plan in place-just in case.  So all of you waiting to hear of Deuce’s arrival fear not…U will have just one more week at most to wait to hear some news.

In the mean time..if you need me, I will be keeping busy and trying to kick start this labor.

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