February 9, 2010

View from My Front Window

Today I slept in until 9. I have been enjoying this lately since I know it will all come to a screeching halt as soon as the baby arrives. I am 33 weeks pregnant today and just like my previous posts-feeling pretty darn good. As I contemplate what I should accomplish today...bathroom needs cleaning, house need straightening, dishes from last night are still by the sink, I decided to look out my front window. It is something that I know I take for granted and hardly ever do. But today the sun is shining in and the fresh snow is being all piled up by the snow trucks in town and I thought...I really do live in farm country. I normally love it and tell people how I enjoy the quiet life a town of 550 has to offer, but today I love it even more. I think there are very few people who can sit inside their warm little houses wearing their robe and slippers on a Tuesday morning and really just take the time to enjoy their life. I am thankful to have everything we have, to live in a small town where my neighbor called me yesterday just to see how I was, to be able to stay home and build a home for my family and make lunch for my husband everyday. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely things I don't understand/agree with about the people/culture in rural MN. I don't understand why when you ask the question "why?" you get the answer "Because that's how we always have done it". I don't understand the lack of tolerance for those/that which is different by people who have yet to truly experience life outside their bubble (ie-Danube, MN) or why my views or those of my husband are bad because we chose to think differently and more openly about most issues. Maybe we are just what a small town like this needs to shake it up a little and show that acceptance and embracing the unknown or different can be enriching and enjoyable. I think my move to this small town has shown me just that, different can be amazing. It's no NE Minneapolis, or Hoboken, NJ, Fargo, ND, Mexico City, London, Barcelona or even an Oak Grove or East Bethel, MN...It is the view from my front window in my quaint, change-fearing, neighbor-loving, snow-covered, farm-driven, small town and I wouldn't have it any other other way.

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