February 24, 2010

Bathtub pics

I FINALLY got to be the first one to take a shower in our brand new- CLEAN- tub this morning. Which is pretty great. I maybe shouldn't admit this to the public but have not had an actual shower since FRIDAY!! I have been washing my hair in the sink and washing with a soapy washcloth...Sorry if that is TMI but it does help explain the amount of joy i have from finally having a tub that I can bath in and not be grossed out. Just look at the pictures and you will see what I mean. The tub was SOOOOO stained and nasty before I honestly cannot believe we did not find the time to fix it sooner. (it is almost a little embarrassing) Like i said before I tried EVERYTHING short of a power sander to remove the stains and ickyness of the tub but to no avail. Maybe part of me was just content that this house, we bought for basically the price of an SUV, had plumbing :) I'm no fancy pants, but the rest of my house got remodeled last spring before moving in and the bathroom was still such an eye-sore. I just wanted a nice, re-finished bathroom that I knew was clean before the baby made it's arrival. Which thanks to my WONDERFUL farmer/electrician/plumber/handy-man of a husband- We now have!! To all you future home-owners out there, let me just tell you that if you are handy at all there is really SOOOO much you can do to a house and to not be fooled or turned away from a property because of cosmetic/refinishing work that needs to be done. We have had our place for a year now and can't BELIEVE everything we have done to it to make it our home and just how we want it. (there is still plenty to do, but there have been so many great changes/improvements made already)

(like i said-a little embarrassing that we used this tub since moving in May...I feel like this is something you would see in a house full of college aged guys)

(Paul is just mudding up some rough patches)


Look how CLEAN everything is!!!! I might even have to take a bubble bath soon!!!


  1. Just seeing if I can comment on here...I've been having some blogging issues...

  2. WOWEE. That looks spectacular:)