February 14, 2010

Practicing for Motherhood :)

While my sister was on her honeymoon I got the chance to hang out with her girls for a couple days and give my mom a break for bunko. Thursday evening I took them swimming up at the hotel by my Grandma Huesmann's house (Grandma made her FAMOUS eclair cake which was quite the treat) On Friday I decided to get super adventurous and take Jada and Saniya to Nickelodeon Universe @ the Mall of America. They had never been there before but were SUPER excited to go. (even though they had NO CLUE what I was talking about). We had a blast and the girls were SO well behaved for their VERY pregnant auntie!! I of course took lots of pictures with my new camera of our adventures. I was also glad that I could spend some time with them because it might be the last time I can really spoil them before I have a little one of my own to spoil. (We had to make a stop at the Disney Store on the way out of course and I thought Saniya was going to flip a lid with all the Disney Princess gear...We escaped with them each getting a small Disney Princess doll- Which kept them nicely entertained ALL the way home..including a wait for a carwash) Being an auntie is just sooo much fun!!

I LOVE the look on Saniya's face!! (Note-This was her second time on this ride...She just loves being scared I guess)

On the Merry-go-Round


Riding the Balloon Swings- (I rode with them- even though I get EXTREMELY motion sick...I just focused on the girls and didn't look at the stuff whirling by us)

From the Dora Ferris Wheel

Checking out the view from the top!!

A little down time to play with some Legos in Lego Land.

Now I can wait another few years before visiting the Mall of America again :) I've had my fix for a while. Saniya wanted to go back the next day- Asking when we were going to "Mickelodeon" again....My reply- "Maybe Mommy can take you!! Aunt Heidi is BEAT!!!"

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