February 24, 2010

35 weeks and counting....

I forgot to add in my blog today that I also had a doctor's appointment this morning. I am officially 35 wks 1day along today. I have also began the once a week Dr appointments which can only mean one thing...This baby's birthday is creeping closer and closer :) I should start taking bets on date of arrival, the weight, height, and sex. My guess is April 2nd (even though I really wish I would go sooner, I don't think I will), 8lbs 4 oz, 20inches, and girl. There- I put it out there in the universe...we shall see what happens. I always joke about being slightly psychic- now just wait I will have the a small baby boy 2 weeks before my due date....Wouldn't that just be how life works??
Paul and I also toured Rice Memorial Hospital in Willmar today. This is where I will be giving birth our little guy/gal. I had never been there before and wanted to see where to park, the rooms, see the facilities, etc. It is a pretty nice place. They remodeled the labor and delivery rooms/floor about 3-4 yrs ago and everything seems nice. They have private birthing suites that you stay in for delivery and your stay. They also have really nice jacuzzi tubs in most of the rooms. I just hope it isn't a birthing boom in Willmar and surrounding areas when I go into labor so I get one of the nice rooms :) I wouldn't mind doing some laboring in the tub. Today when we visited it was REALLY quiet. Only one mom was there who delivered yesterday and there were no other women in labor. The nurse seemed almost excited to show us around so she had something to do.
I am feeling very prepared and ready to have this baby. I even have my hospital bag mostly packed... it is very odd that a procrastinator like myself could be so thoroughly prepared ahead of time. In the mean time- Mama and Baby Nyquist are happy and healthy @ 35 weeks and watching the days tick-tock on by until it's time for baby's birthday!!!

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