February 3, 2010

32 weeks...and counting

Yesterday I was officially 32 weeks and counting...Which sort of gave me a reality check. I could have a baby anytime in the next 2-10 weeks!! YIKES!! It is just so surreal...I am hoping for a baby somewhere in the middle...Maybe 6-7 weeks from now would be JUST RIGHT :) Anyways, it got me thinking that i should probably buy my car seat. We (meaning I did all the research and told Paul about it) have decided on the Graco SnugRide 32. It is a little more spendy than some other infant carriers/car seats but it has the bonus of being able to support babies up to 32 lbs. (Most infant seats only go up to 20) And ALL you Mom's may already know this (I learned it in my car seat training/installation class for work this summer) but just because the law says it is OK to switch your baby forward facing @ 1 yr and/or 20lbs...It is actually recommended that they stay rear facing a lot longer and up to 30lbs. As long as they don't outgrow the height restriction for this seat..I think it will work perfectly. (Let's be honest..the chance of to average height people like me and Paul popping out a Shag baby is pretty slim) Found the best price on Amazon.com with free shipping. I am really liking this online shopping thing!!!


  1. I lied...I just found the best price on diapers.com because you get a 10% discount on your first purchase :) Saved $14 bucks!! AND FREE SHIPPING!!

  2. Good call on the carseat! When we first had Charlie, nothing above a 20# limit was to be found....so there we were, with a 4month old bobblehead baby, in a booster seat that faces backwards because he was so beefy.