February 16, 2010

34 weeks!!

Here is my latest pregnancy picture. I am 34 weeks today!!

We are getting so close to the finish line I can see it. I am really going to miss being pregnant I think...I have really enjoyed it. (Well the morning sickness wasn't too much fun but as soon as that ended I was great!) I got my monthly massage today from a GREAT lady in Willmar. That is something that I have splurged on the last few months of this pregnancy and have really helped me maintain my relaxed laid-back attitude. (Not that I really had a problem being relaxed or laid-back before the massages) But they truly are a great treat and she really helps work out the little aches and pains I am getting from my ever growing belly. I am also experience what my doctor says are Braxton Hicks...My whole belly gets tight and kinda rises up and I feel pressure. They don't really hurt but I can definitely tell they have been stronger over the last week or so. This just means I'm prepping for "Cletus'" birthday so I am enjoying every second!! I just can't believe that in the next month or so we will FINALLY get to meet our little baby.

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