February 20, 2010

It always takes longer than you think.....

So we completed phase 1 of our bathroom remodeling project about a month ago. but as you can see in the pictures, the shower curtain is strategically closed and there are no pictures of our tub. Why you ask.... because our tub was DISGUSTING and yet to be re-finished. The previous owners had painted the tub surround with what seemed like normal semi-gloss wall paint (NOT GOOD FOR SHOWERS) The tub and surround were so stained that even after MANY hours and EVERY possible cleaning product I could think of or was recommended to me, it still looked dirty. The new tub surround and tub re-finishing kit have been sitting nicely in our entry way for the last month patiently waiting to be of use. So let the tub demolition begin.... We (Paul..I'm mainly the clean up lady) ripped out the nasty tub surround yesterday and cut out any of the wall behind it that was icky, wet, etc. Well today we dove a little deeper into the project and realized that the whole shower has to be re-plumbed.... It always takes longer than you think. Paul is at the hardware store now picking up supplies....With any Luck we will have a fully functioning shower by Mon....Wish us luck!!!
I'm so glad I married a handy-man...He may not know how to do EVERY home project right away but is darn good at figuring it out :) (Even if he gets crabby along the way)

Pics will be posted upon completion....

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