February 18, 2010

Crafting ADHD

I have a case of crafting ADHD this week (self-diagnosed of course). I so far have started/bought supplies for multiple crafts and sewing projects but have yet to finish one. Entirely my fault though, I did waste all day yesterday up in Willmar again with my husband and father-in-law. I mainly wanted to go to get some storage containers that I had forgotten to pick up the day before. (I think the nesting phase has kicked in and I feel the need to re-organize the baby stuff) We also made a trip to the Goodwill store to look for any junk I can turn to treasure...which just ended up adding to my crafting ADHD. I found a junkie old big frame with a LOVELY print in it for $1.99 which I am going to turn into a repainted masterpiece of half cork/ half chalk board for either my entry way or kitchen. Among the other projects I have started/bought supplies for this week.... Sewing 2 baby jumpsuits and a bunting, more cute covered storage boxes, more cute 1.99 pic frames for a collage on the nursery wall, making a cute baby wipe box cover, AND yes I am STILL working on crocheting that baby sweater I started in November. That being said I have no pictures to post today since I really haven't completed anything picture worthy... I guess Paul did the dishes this morning which is sort of a picture worthy event but I missed the opportunity. Darn it....Maybe next time...It's like catching a solar eclipse, it leaves you in awe but only happens once every so often.

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