February 26, 2010

Busy Weekend

This weekend Paul and I are both pretty busy. We are doing our own things and squeezing in some fun, adult activity before our little guy/gal arrives. Yesterday Paul had an appointment with his endocrinologist (diabetes Dr.). This is the first appointment I have actually gone with to. His Dr is really great and offers a lot of support and ideas for managing his Type 1 diabetes. It was just a routine appointment and his A1C score is up just slightly but like I said, Dr Ngo offered him some suggestions on some minor things to change that can help get his score back down. Overall, he is doing VERY wella managing and living with his "Live-abetes" as he calls it!

Last night Paul and 3 good buddies took off to St Louis (and surrounding area) to do some major disc golfing and guy bonding. They drove down last night overnight and are coming back on Sunday. It was comical to listen to Paul talk about and plan all the disc golf courses they could visit...He put A LOT of time into it. I know he will have LOTS of fun and get some much needed guy time. He also works so hard and deserves some "Paul" time. He texted and said they were having breakfast @ a Waffle House this morning which makes this mama-to-be VERY jealous. We don't have those up here in North country so I'll just have to wait till my visit to Jacksonville to get this craving met!!

While Paul is on his boys weekend I decided to head to Minneapolis and spend some time with my sister and girlfriends (and do some pampering). I have some GREAT girly plans...including a pedicure and dinner with friends/ex-coworkers, a show at a dinner theater, and a maternity photo shoot. THe show I am seeing is Footloose @ Chanhassen dinner theater. (For anyone that knows me, Footloose and Dirty Dancing are my TOP favorite movies. I've seen them each more times than I can count and can't WAIT to see the theatrical production) My sister shares this love of Footloose with me so I bought her a ticket as a wedding present. I'm VERY excited for all I have planned....So enough blogging. I better get moving!!!

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