March 10, 2010

37 weeks and 1 day

Today I am 37 weeks and a day...I am to the point of counting days now because the finish line is so close. I am proud to say that I have steadily put on weight the last three appointments to bring my total weight gain for this baby to 15lbs. This makes me happy because I am a fan of chubby babies. (most Moms might wish for a petite little thing. However, I am fully hoping for a chubby-cheeked, sausage-legged little one) I figure the difference of pushing 6 lb vs 9 lb bowling ball out of your lady parts is, in the big scheme of things VERY I hope this baby is packing on the chub. That being are a few of the latest pictures of the "chub" I have put on so far.

Here's the belly with just a tank pulled over it. **Note it is one of those long & lean tanks from Target that used to come down way over my hips but as of late, barely covers the bump.**

As with the rest of my doctor visits, the one today was rather uneventful. Except today I did I have a resident come in and check the babies heart rate and all that jazz. Paul and him got into a lengthy convo about farming while we were waiting for my doctor. I felt a little neglected, "HELLO...DO YOU NOT SEE THE PREGNANT LADY IN THE ROOM?!?!" but realized after the fact that it was a nice distraction and way to pass the time since it seems my doctor is continually running WAY behind schedule. This little incident also gives me a defense when he jokes and says that I talk too much. I think we might be neck and neck in this department dear hubby :)

As for any of you who may want to know if I have dropped yet or if I am dilated at all, my honest answer is that I have no freaking clue. I'm not getting checked to see if there is anything going on down there till reach or over-shoot my due date and I don't think the baby has dropped because I still feel it's butt up by ribs for the majority of the days. (but being a first time mom..I really don't have a clue) I still do not think the baby is even close to making it's way out. I am feeling very energetic and overall, pretty darn fantastic!! There are some normal pregnancy things like putting on socks, or rolling out of bed multiple times a night that are a little annoying. But feeling this baby kicking, moving and growing inside of me definitely makes those minor inconveniences fade away.

For now, I'll just keep counting the days and playing the waiting game for our little "Cletus the Fetus" to arrive :) And of course blogging about it as I go!!!


  1. You look wonderful! I'm not sure "bump" is the right word you have an "outie" yet?

  2. Lookin good! Speaking of "outie" my mom always says being pregnant is the best time to clean your belly button. Wise little Gayle Ann!

  3. No, I am pretty sure my abnormally deep belly button will never be an outie. It is more just flat, well not quite flat, it is barely indented I guess. It is a perfect time to clean it. Niya was playing with it this weekend...I should have told her to clean any crud she found :)