March 9, 2010

Rural MN Community Ed

I realize I live in the middle of nowhere in Farm-Country, USA with a high population of elderly and self-proclaimed red-necks. However, there are some days that it is WAY more apparent. I saw this listing in the community ed flyer that gets delivered with our weekly Renville County shopper and just had myself a little chuckle...

*Cell Phones -- Oh My!*
The presenter from Two-Way communications will walk you through what's hot and what's new!
March 23, $5 7-8:30pm

There's a class to show you how to use a cell phone!! I immediately thought of my father in-law (Farmer Art) who since dropping his old school Nokia into a tank of fertilizer last fall was forced to get a new phone. Although he has recently learned how to text, the texts don't always make sense. Hey- at least he tries. Maybe I should refer him to Cell Phones--Oh My!!

(**Side note** Following the ad for this class was a AARP Driving class offered)

This city girl turned country has definitely gotten her kicks for the day :) I'm so glad it's the little things that make me smile!


  1. Sounds like the McIntosh community ed stuff. and EVERY class is $5. LOL!
    Pat's parents almost crapped their pants when they saw him recently use a drive up ATM. Their exact words were, "You mean the money just comes out?" "You just punch in a code?" You wonder how they survive?? :)