March 2, 2010

This Month!!! 36 weeks- almost full term!!!

I can FINALLY say that we are due THIS MONTH!!!! I am 36weeks today and have another doctor's appointment tomorrow. My regular doctor will be back from her vacation so I will see her (I have seen other OB's the last couple times). I look forward to my weekly doc appointments because every week that passes means I'm closer to meeting baby! I am trying not to get my hopes up too much because I realize that due dates are really nothing more than "guess dates" at when you might have your baby. I am really hoping to go sometime in March. I keep saying that anytime before Easter is fine with me. I just hope that "Cletus the Fetus" is on the same page as Mommy. (Plus I got a really cute Baby's first easter outfit from my friend Bonny- along with a care package FULL of baby stuff) It is awesome to have my best friend and my sister who already have kids and can give me some sweet tips on what products and stuff they liked. I have organized and re-organized the baby stuff but will probably do it a couple more times.

I have a another baby shower on Sat with my family and Paul's family. My sister is throwing it for me. I am really looking forward to spending some time with my family and seeing everyone before baby comes. This is thankfully my last one!! This will be my third- One with the WONDERFUL staff at school before we were finished this fall, the second was thrown by some great friends from high school, and this last one is for the families!! I think this mama will be all baby showered out :) I am truly grateful for all of the gifts and excitement people share but I am confident that 3 is enough!!

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  1. YAY we are all super excited to meet Cletus the Fetus!!! You are gonna be a great mommy!!