March 18, 2010

A Day late...

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I know St Patrick's day was yesterday and I am actually not even Irish. However, that does not stop this stay at home mom-to-be from cooking up some traditional St Patrick's day grub. I have some corned beef and cabbage brewing in my crock-pot right now. And since I couldn't partake in any of my normal (pretending to be Irish) traditions like getting surprisingly drunk of green beer and specialty cocktails I thought I would celebrate with a pregnant lady's only available vice- FOOD!!
Click HERE for a link to the recipe I am using.

(** Please note that since I NEVER follow a recipe EXACTLY, I have tweaked this one too. I was not up @ 5 am to start my Crockpot so will NOT be cooking it on low for 10-12 hrs. I will be cooking it on low for 5hrs then Hi for 2-3. Also, I don't have Dijon mustard for the sauce so will be improvising with yellow mustard and some spices I may be able to wrangle out of my cupboard**)

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