March 8, 2010

More Baby stuff!!!

I get very excited when ordering stuff for the baby...The unfortunate thing is that if I want a specific product I need to order it online and wait for it to get shipped to my house. (This is where my impatience sets it) I am perfectly fine waiting for the baby to make it's arrival but have a hard time waiting for my car seat. (Which BTW..I installed the car seat into the mini-van yesterday-So we are SET!!!)
The latest baby products I ordered (after reading MANY consumer reviews/opinions) are this:
Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe- Zurich is the design to match the car seat :)

And this :

It's called a Sleepy Wrap. I ordered it in black in case Paul would like to use it too. I figured he wouldn't be caught dead in a pink baby wrap :) I can't wait to be a baby wearing fool!!!

I am new to the whole idea of the "baby wearing" people speak of. But REALLY like the idea of getting stuff done around the house and having 2 hands free with out giving up snuggle time and close contact with Cletus.


  1. awesome choice on the stroller and carseat! you'll love it!

  2. Hmm let me think of this for a FL sun + a baby in that wrap thing...NO THANKS! I'm sweating just thinking about it.

  3. Bonny- I don't have the same extreme sweating problem as the Midge but I don't think I will be sporting this on extremely hot days either :) Was it your upper lip that was sweating just thinking about it??

  4. yo two look good in pic..and the way of holding the baby is nice...

    Elaine from 1st babies