March 20, 2010

Spring has sprung!!!

Happy first day of Spring to everyone!! It is the vernal equinox today meaning LOTS of great things like equal day/night (which means those LONG summer days are on their way), my full time flip flop season is about to begin, my garlic and chives have begun to sprout in my garden (I better get some pepper and tomato plants started soon so they'll be ready to transfer) and LAST BUT NOT LEAST baby is within DAYS of arrival.

Spring is my new state of mind. I really do love living in a state with 4 dramatic seasons for this specific reason. Every year, there is a fresh start. People are out cleaning their yards and houses, putting their patio furniture out, hooking up their garden hoses, planting new spring flowers and gardens and are so eager to make things fresh, clean and new again. I LOVE IT!!

As a kid, I remember waiting until the snow started melting so that Nolan and I could put on our galoshes and go wading into the puddles in the field. We'd walk in until the icy water just barely reached up over the side of our boots, soaking our little feet.

As a teenager/junior high schooler I remember this time of year because I could finally go to and from school with out a winter coat. For some odd reason (and I still see this today) every 12-15 year old somehow KNOWS it is not cool to wear a coat even when it IS a necessity when living in MN.

Then in college I couldn't WAIT for this time of year because it meant laying out in the mall area at the U of M while cute boys threw Frisbees around, smoking cigarettes and having drinks on a patio bar in Minneapolis, wearing all the cute tank-tops and skirts I could dig out of my closet, and waiting for the inevitable and much loved summer break.

Now I look forward to greeting a new life (very fitting for the season), planting my garden, raking my yard to allow the bright green new grass to grow in, and just enjoying the small spring miracles this small town has to offer. The annual smelt fry is taking place right now actually. It is a fundraiser that the volunteer fire fighters do every spring around this same time and gets everyone out and moving in this little farm town. It's like everyone has been couped up for too long and just waiting for a reason to come out and say hi. It is fun to see the normally quiet and slow town be bustling with people ready to mingle, eat and drink. And you can't really beat the tradition factor. That definitely adds to the charm. Although I opted for the pork chop vs the small fried fish, I was still glad to support our local fire department. I guess it's my job since I am married to the newest member :)

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  1. Awesome post! I loved it!
    And awesome for Paul for being on the FD! That's great!