March 27, 2010

Eat, Poop, Sleep...

Tanner is officially 4 days, 21 hours, and 51 minutes old as I sit down here with him in his sleepy wrap while I blog away. He LOVES being in the wrap, which doesn't surprise me sine he is quite the cuddle bug so far. I am so glad I got this wrap because I can't imagine the thought of putting this precious boy down but really want to be able to use both hands for certain activities (such as typing). He is snoozing away as I type and bounce gently on my exercise ball. What a life!!
So far he is such a good little baby! He has taken to breast feeding and is really very good at it. He is eating every 2-4 hours and having very healthy diapers. I had such a mom moment today when I changed his diaper and it was yellow!! YAY for yellow poop it means that everything is working!!

We have had a couple busy days here in the Nyquist house. We traveled up to Willmar on Friday morning for Tanner's first doctor's appointment. He was 7lbs 2oz when we left the hospital and had already bounced back up to 7lbs 6 oz by Friday. His jaundice score had gone up a little since leaving the hospital and we have another appoint on Monday just to make sure it starts going down, but by the looks of him..I don't think it will be a problem. He is looking more pink today than yesterday.

After the doctor appointment on Friday we had visitors. Sarah (Paul's sister) and her two boys came to visit their new cousin!! Gabe is 3 and Xavier is 3 1/2 months and QUITE the little chunk. He makes Tanner look so tiny!! Sarah also brought me TONS of baby boy clothes. Since Xavier is already in 6-9 month clothes she brought all of the stuff he had out grown which is perfect because I really didn't have too many baby boy clothes! Now I am pretty sure Tanner is set. It is so nice to have the hand me downs and save some money since babies grow so fast anyways.

Here's some pictures of the boys.

While Sarah and the boys were down here visiting, we went over to see Paul's grandpa Fredrick, who has been feeling pretty ill lately and in declining health. Since being diagnosed with lung cancer this fall, he has had his ups and downs but is now at home, receiving hospice care and being made as comfortable as possible. We were VERY excited to tell him there was another Nyquist boy and to have Tanner meet his great grandpa Fredrick. Although saddened by Grandpa's illness, it is really very emotional and humanizing to see the circle of life with the addition of such a little miracle who will grow up playing on tractors, and running through the same fields as Grandpa did as a boy. I know Grandpa is very happy with this too. He couldn't wait to hug and sit with Tanner, Xavier, and Gabe when we all visited on Friday.

Here's some pictures from the visit to Grandpa's.

Paul, Tanner, and Grandpa

4 Generations of Nyquist boys- Grandpa Fredrick, Tanner, Paul, and Art

After the visit to Grandpa, Paul, Tanner and I headed home for a little rest before some more guest arrived! Jeff and Malinda made the trek out to Danube to visit our newest addition! It was really nice to have them and I know they were really excited to see our little guy. Of course Paul and Jeff stayed up late doing boy stuff like playing video games and eating frozen pizza, topped off with setting up Jeff portable disc golf basket in the back yard and tossing some discs this morning. Paul even dug out his mini disc and OF COURSE had to get a picture with him Jeff and Tanner.... What a couple of discing dorks :)

That's it for now in the life and times of the "Quist club!! Tanner is starting to stir...I think it's time to eat again, then poop again, then sleep again...and the cycle continues!! I am LOVING IT!!

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  1. What great picture's. I bet Grandpa was happy to see the little one's. Tanner's still the cutest little Grandson around! Love,Mom