March 15, 2010

Thrift Store Shelves

Over the last year we have had our house, We have been slowly making improvements and decorating when I get the chance. Paul and I are also very big into do-it-yourself projects and getting the best prices on supplies. I must have been putting out the positive karma on Saturday because I went to Menard's and priced out some shelves to finish the big wall in our living room. (I hung a picture and a piece of artwork weeks ago and needed something to fill the void between the two). Both the mantel shelves and the floating shelves I looked at were priced at $25 a pop. I couldn't quite justify spending $50 on decorative shelving, PLUS they didn't quite have the color I wanted so decided to pass on the shelves for the moment.

Here is a picture of the wall that just needed a little something extra.

Well, thanks to a string of events including my father-in-law searching for a bedpan for a gag gift and finding out from a woman in Walmart that there was a new thrift store in town we should check out- I found THESE. They weren't $25, $15, or even $5 a piece...THEY WERE $2.00 each!! What a FIND!!! They were exactly what I was pricing out at Menard's (except in white and $23 cheaper).

With a little Mocha colored satin spray paint that I had in my basement they are now the PERFECT addition to my wall. (**Note** I am not sure what decorations are going to make the final cut, I might take some of that $46 I saved to get a couple cute decorations. These were just placed there for pictures sake...empty shelves don't look NEARLY as nice.**)

This crafty mama is VERY happy with the results!!! For a mere $4, I have the the shelves to finish the space off perfectly!!

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