March 25, 2010

We survived the first night home

Last night was out first night home since having Tanner and we survived!! I actually got some sleep between feedings (yes it was in the recliner with Tanner on my chest) but it was sleep none the less, He really likes to cuddle and nurse A LOT and I have absolutely no problem with that. I did however just put him down for a few minutes here to blog and get myself some food.

My mom is here today still and helping out with some cooking and cleaning stuff around the house. It is a life saver just to have the extra help and moral support!! Nana is the GREATEST and Tanner loves her like crazy already.

Here are some pictures of our adventures over the last couple days. I am filling up my camera already and he is not even 3 days old yet...Can we say obsessed?!?!!

Here's Daddy giving Tanner his first diaper change. (Paul also won the honor of being the first one to get peed on by Tanner this morning...It was pretty funny and I was glad it wasn't me-this time anyways)

Here's just a picture of Tanner chillin in the hospital.

Tanner's ride home

Tanner taking a nap while Mommy eats and blogs :) He LOVES his hands by his face so pictures of his entire might be tricky.


  1. Tommy peed on me the first diaper change I did at home! I just tell people "it's him showering me with love"

  2. Congrats again Heidi! He is adorable! I am excited to meet him! :)