March 7, 2010

Baby Shower March 6th, 2010

My sister threw me a baby shower this past Saturday for mine and Paul's family. This was my 3rd- yes I said 3rd- shower :) And yet again I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and encouragement I felt from everyone that attended. It is really so special that this little baby who hasn't even had it's first breath yet, has so many people that love him/her and are anxiously waiting his/her arrival!! Here are some pictures.

It's a little dark you get the idea-

mmmm- FOOD...With my recent obsession with yummy food I am surprised I am not gaining more weight....

My mom, Saniya, and me

My Cousins- Lindsey, Alex, and Gabby

Practicing with my nephew Xavier (12weeks old)- Paul's sister Sarah's son. He's a chunk and very cute!!!

That being said, I am very glad it is over I can just relax and wait for "Cletus" to arrive. I feel like I have been running, running, running nonstop. With all of our trips, the holidays, remodeling, weddings, and showers I have certainly kept myself busy during this pregnancy.

I just want to get so much done before the baby comes. I spent this afternoon, hauling all the gifts in from the van, assembling the pack n play, washing the bedding and clothing, and organizing the nursery AGAIN...Anyone who has been following me knows this is one of my favorite things to do. I go into the baby room, clean, put stuff in it's place, hang up the little baby clothes, etc. Preparing for a baby feels almost like preparing for a natural disaster... I have enough baby supplies (diapers, wipes etc) so that I really don't NEED to leave the house for X number of days. I have a phone list of people to call/text/notify of the birth. I have my canned goods stocked and frozen meals accumulating in my freezer, and I have a bag of all my essential comfort clothes/items to bring with me to keep me calm in the face of a life changing experience (my hospital bag). Now I just sit and wait...a sort of calm before the storm.

I think I am ready to become a home-body though and wait for this little person to make their debut!! I am excited to have people come visit us for a change instead of Paul and me always packing up the van and heading out someplace or another. It might take me a couple weeks to get used to (sitting still that is). But I welcome the practice and slower paced lifestyle that awaits us with the arrival of our baby. My plan for the 1.5-2 months after I have the baby is to not have any plans and that sounds ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! I can't wait for our little Hurricane Cletus the Fetus to hit!!!

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  1. Even though you moved 2 hours away...people will still expect you to come to visit...for example, I live 24 hours away and people are always asking me "so when you coming home next?" (as if they can't come visit me) As if I have 45 vacation days a year?? Pretty sure my benefit package isn't that great ;)

    Happy baby shower!