March 16, 2010

38 weeks!!

Today I am 38 weeks along!! I can't believe that I could seriously have this baby at anytime!! Yesterday I had a busy day around the house doing laundry, organizing the bathroom closet, doing that shelf project, and cooking an impromptu beef stroganoff type hot-dish. (using a little bit from Betsy's Flannel Friendly Cookbook, a little from a casserole cookbook I got from my friend Bonny and a little bit of whatever I thought might be good) I'm not one for rigidity, so cooking this way is often what I find myself doing.
Anyways, the main point is that I am trying to keep myself as busy as possible until this baby makes it's way out. It's not that I am sick of being fact I am still enjoying it very much. I just want the baby to be here so I can look at it, and touch it, and feed it. So if trading out my desk chair for my exercise ball, cruising up and down the stairs, or walking everyday has any slight possibility of me meeting this little person sooner, then I am all in!! I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions sporadically for the last month or so but I think have started to have some intermittent, mild contractions. I had about 5-6 last night while hanging up the shelves but they never progressed and just sort of faded away. I know this can keep happening until I actually have the baby, which could be another 2-3 weeks yet, but each time I feel a stronger or more frequent onset of these contractions I can't help but get VERY excited!!

Bring it on Baby!! This Mama can't wait for real labor to start!! Until then, it's bouncing on balls, squats and spicy food!!

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  1. My only advice to you is.....when they say "push like you have to poop", they really mean it. :)