March 31, 2010

Tired but surviving

My post will be short and sweet today since I am going to use my valuable "mommy time" to shower tonight. Things with Tanner are going well still. He is sleeping for 2-4 hour stretches and allowing me to get a little rest when he does. Today Daddy took charge between feedings and I caught some much needed sleep from 4-6pm. This nice weather has really been a mood booster too. Daddy, Tanner and I went for our first walk yesterday afternoon. We walked to the post office to get the mail and then a quick loop around town. Of course we had some pit stops of people stopping us to meet our little guy. Tanner was awake during the whole time we were outside just checking out the "bustling" town of Danube...

That's it for now...I'm tired but surviving. It's easy for me to forget how tired I am, how sore nipples are from breast feeding and that I have not showered since Monday when I take one look at this guy!!

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  1. I couldn't believe how difficult it was to actually find time to take a shower during the beginning...well, it is still hard sometimes! You're right though, lack of sleep and dirty hair are quickly forgotten when you see that adorable little face :)